Calliope mini case

Calliope mini case

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Product description

It is a protective cover (case) for the Calliope mini. Among other things, this housing protects against the transfer of electrostatic charges. In addition, the housing protects the Calliope mini during transport - for example in a school bag. The original idea – namely that you can see how a computer is structured and where which functions are located – is retained. The upper part of the housing is completely transparent. So all components of the Calliope mini are always in view.

Immediately available


All the necessary cutouts for the connections that should be available quickly, i.e. the mini-USB connection and the Grove adapters, are available. The reset button can be pressed with a pen or pencil. If the motor connection is required, part of the housing can be easily broken out if necessary. If the mini is used with a battery compartment, the lower part of the housing has a battery compartment holder into which the battery compartment can be easily inserted and is thus safely stowed on the housing. The cables can also be clamped in the holders provided for this purpose. The other lower part of the housing is intended for use without batteries. The assembly can be easily understood in the enclosed instructions. The upper and lower parts of the housing can be attached to the Calliope mini independently of each other. Because they simply clip onto the board, no additional tools are required to attach the case.

Scope of delivery

The scope of Scope of delivery consists of a total of three housing parts:a housing upper part and two housing lower parts.

The Calliope mini is not included in the Scope of delivery .