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Product description

The MotionKit promises dynamic pleasure. A mobile robot can be built and programmed with the kit. You can control it with light, control it remotely with another Calliope mini or use it autonomously as a painting robot. The imagination knows no limits. With the help of the MotionKit boards, the Calliope mini becomes an individual robotic vehicle.
By simply plugging in, two servomotors and a light control can be used, which enables interactive maneuvering - the possibilities are diverse.

The MotionKit can be MotionKit quickly with one of the two well-known editors MakeCode or the OpenRoberta Lab.n.

There are detailed instructions on how this workshere.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x circuit board
  • 2 x Grove cables
  • 2 x wheels and tires
  • 2 x servo motor FS90R
  • 2 x frames
  • 1 x battery holder for 4 x AA Mignon batteriesn)
  • 2 x alligator clips
  • 1 x screwdriver 72 mmm)
  • Screws, nuts M3, nickel-plated steel or stainless steell)
  • Assembly instructions

Neither Calliope mini nor batteries are Scope of delivery .


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